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Dool Care

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UX & Web Psychology

The main goal is to achieve a good user experience. Our designs are developed taking into account the usability of the web at all time, to offer good and memorable emotions to your customers.


The online market has come to stay and does nothing but grow and grow. We design & develop beautiful online stores for your business, we give the push you need to achieve your goals.

Dool Care

With Dool Care we are with you even after the launch of your project. Maintenance, optimization, SEO, updates, backups and much more. Everything your web needs every day, from the hand of its creators.

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Dool Care

Web maintenance & optimization

Design 100% Responsive

Adaptation is very important. All our designs are developed to suit any device and make sure it will show the best way depending on the screen size, this means that the design varies automatically.

Web Site 100% Self-Manageable

The success of a website goes through a constantly updated; publish posts on the blog, change products, prices, etc. Everything you do easier. Our websites are completely self-managed, and extremely easy, so that you can make any changes you need, no computer is needed, since our designs are 100% Responsive, it can be managed from an iPad comfortably!

Serve your customers with artificial intelligence: Chatbots

We know how important it is to be fast, and to be 24/7 to offer the best experience to our customers. Offer it you as well, a unique experience in customer service with our Chatbots. 100% customized according to the needs of your company.

Solutions 100% customized for you

We are with you at all times, advising you on SEO, SEM, branding, and more. We want your project to be a success. From a basic web page, through an electronic store, to a corporate intranet with the CRM that your company deserves.

What they say about us

"There were professionals all the time. They have an infinite creativity and an unbeatable efficiency with excellent technical skills."

Rafael Villabona

"We have created a website to provide a direct communication service with our customers. The professional development and collaboration of Dool allowed us to concretize our project in a satisfactory way."

Georgios Venizelos

General Manager – GreciAquí

"We have had the best assistance we could have hoped for. Fast and efficient. Very trustful!"

Roberto Maturana

Representante – Gesel LTDA

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